The Last of Us show is so good I haven’t stopped thinking about it since it started. Like, every day I’m thinking about it.

🎙️ Ruminate 159 - Memoji Meeting

RIP to the Playsation Plus collection, Hi-Fi Rush, The Last of Us (game), and we go on a tear about Apple products.

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It was pretty good actually thanks for asking.

A screenshot of Skypes window asking me to rate a call with John

Looks like Reeder is what I want. Thanks folks.

Are there any RSS apps on iOS that have more of a Twitter-like timeline where you just scroll new posts in chronological order?

🫠 Computers were a mistake

Posted a follow-up to my webmentions post with some additional links and tools including an Eleventy plugin I didn’t even think to look for 🤦‍♂️

💬 Adding Webmentions to Your Site

In which I fumble through and somehow get this working. I’ve tried to explain what I’ve learnt as best I can but I’m still not 100% on how this works if I’m honest 🤷‍♂️

A grid of avatars labelled as likes and boosts. Then a comment below from a person called Alans

Webmentions are live and working on blog posts right now if you wanna take a gander while I try and write this post.

I’m not even sure I can write a blog post about webmentions because I’m not sure I can even explain it in a reasonable way. But I will attempt it.

Look at all these cool people (it works 🙌)

A grid of circular avatars labelled as Likes.

Wondering if anyone decides to show webmentions for pages on their site as well as blog posts? Blog posts is obvious but I’m not so sure about pages.

There is discussion happening there so seems like maybe yes? I dunno.

Nick Offerman 🥰

forgot about the new episode of The Last of Us. That first, THEN webmentions.

Time to find out how on earth webmentions work.

Added my oddly-specific music playlists to my projects page. Any suggestions for these two are very welcome.

👋 Goodbye weekend

With the help of eleventy-plugin-og-image I now have automatically generated og images for my metatags on my site 👌

A screenshot of my meta image. It says Robb Knight and the blog post title of Letters January 2023

Podcast Log 2023 Week 4

New blog post: Twitter Backup and Archiving Options. If only I could follow my own advice:

Don’t care about your tweets. Let them wither away into the ether. Be free from the shackles of hoarding your data.

“Jury’s still out but you can’t deny that view”

Joel and Ellie looking towards the Capitol building