Robb Knight

These Lego desk drawers are gorgeous but I’m not sure I can justify the best part of Β£200 for one.

Feels like it was inevitable but I’ve got the ‘rona now as well 🦠

πŸ“· Day 18, Random: Sleepy Morpheus

Put together a plugin to add a feeds page to my site: It links the main posts feed as well as feeds for all categories.

It’s in the plugin directory and the code is on GitHub.

A detailed and complete list of things I want in iOS16:

  • Let me put icons wherever I want on the home screen

That was a lot of work putting that together hope you enjoy.

Google have reversed the decision to force everyone to pay for GSuite (or whatever it’s called) if it’s for personal use.

I already migrated away but those of you who procrastinated have been rewarded.

Day 17, Hold: Neo holding on like his life depends on it

This was much larger than I anticipated

Just realised it’s May 16th 🎡

I love this pocket watch photo by @BestofTimes

The surreal experience of a viral tweet

This is an excellent example of how the press is able to manufacture outrage about literally anything.

From Party Parrots by @cheri:

Time really flies when you stop snorting poorly-researched hot takes off the internet’s sweaty ass crack

I spat my drink out when I read that this morning.

πŸ“· Day 16, Time: Gigawatt Transformer

Made some more tweaks so that photo challenge pages have a grid of the images at the top before showing all the posts in the standard way.

I’m trying to avoid making my own theme but the urge is strong to make everything exactly how I want.

This is a really nice set

Now on to Fast and Furious (2001) to watch some neon-clad cars steal VHS players.

Today’s Lego build: Ford Mustang with Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) to accompany

I made some tweaks to my photo page to make all the containers square and consistent. I’ve put the CSS up here if anyone else wants to do the same.

TIL about the aspect-ratio CSS rule

πŸ“· Day 15, Clouds: Line to London

New blog post πŸ‘‰ Thoughts on

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to and stopped using Twitter, Instagram, and Pocket.

This post is a bit meandering but there was no amount of editing I could do to make it more conherent.

Finished ⚑️ πŸš—

Good Saturday building the Lego Delorean and watching Back to the Future.

Bonus photo from the same location: cygnets πŸ₯°

πŸ“· Day 14, Fence

Boris Johnson says people should work in-person again because when he works from home he gets distracted by cheese

Might be the first time I’ve agreed with him.