The Shawshank Redemption (1994) - ★★★

Lord help me I’ve downloaded Obsidian.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) - ★★★

Ralph Fiennes is so good in this.

My Music Replay 2022

Apple Music Replay is a vast improvement on last year. I grabbed some of the data so I have a record of it (I have no idea if you can access a previous years data or not).

No suprises Hamilton is top again with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom, Jr. taking 2 of the top artist spots. Combined, they take the real top spot.

I was in the top 100 listeners for Punk Rock Factory and Goldfinger.

3695 songs

696 Artists

Top artists:

  1. Punk Rock Factory - 4,447 minutes
  2. Goldfinger - 3,354 minutes
  3. Lin-Manuel Miranda - 3,292 minutes
  4. Linkin Park - 3,046 minutes
  5. Leslie Odom, Jr. - 2,886 minutes
  6. Simple Plan - 2,303 minutes
  7. Bowling for Soup - 2,015 minutes
  8. Machine Gun Kelly - 1,920 minutes
  9. Avril Lavigne - 1,837 minutes
  10. MC Lars - 1,772 minutes

231 Albums

I have no idea how it works out the play count on albums but I assume this is individual tracks so I’ve worked out the times I’ve played an album based on this. Apple doesn’t give numbers for albums 6-10.

Top Albums:

  1. Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - 1,581 plays / ~35 times
  2. Never Look Back (Deluxe) - Goldfinger - 1,099 plays / ~57 times
  3. Harder Than It Looks - Simple Plan 503 plays / ~50 times
  4. Love Sux - Avril Lavigne - 464 plays / ~38 times
  5. Just Woke Up - Jaret Ray Reddick - 448 plays / ~37 times
  6. Tickets to My Downfall (SOLD OUT Deluxe)
  7. RECHARGED - Linkin Park
  8. Kings of the New Age - State Champs
  9. With Sprinkles - Beefy
  10. Single and Famous - K.Flay and MC Lars

On the bright side, we have a new back door ready for a cat flap to be installed so I can stop being a doorman for the little princes 🐱👑

I was hit by a cyclist while walking to work yesterday (I was on the pavement), completely floored me. Knee is hurting like all hell today.

Dear cyclist: 🖕

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) - ★★★

That freezeframe at the end is ridiculous.

My mother-in-law made us an advent calendar of things we’ll need for when the baby gets here 👶

And relax 🎄

Someone (me) didn’t measure properly before ordering these cupboards so the poor door had to lose a corner.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) - ★★★

“DNS can take up to 72 hours to update”

How about instead I refresh whats my dns every 20 seconds for the next 2 hours instead.

Ikea assembly speed run: 3 billy bookcases, 58 minutes. I am exhausted now.

🎙️ Ruminate 155 - The 2017 Exodus

Decks, both Loupe and Stream, shortcut woes, and Mastodon

We went a bit longer than usual discussing, Mastodon, and ActivityPub.

In better news, the final carpet has been fitted in the lounge

Good start to the day. The oven splashback fell off in the night.