2022-10-01: Someone found a new favourite spot

2022-09-30: Final part of the building work, new radiators going in every room of the house. A few little snags …

2022-09-29: Another day, another bunch of companies ignoring GDPR consent.

2022-09-28: Kitchen update: as of right now we have a functioning oven and sink again. I am so over having …

2022-09-28: Finished Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (why is that the title?!) last night. Bit slow …

2022-09-28: Ryan Reynolds just posted a teaser for Deadpool 3 and Hugh Jackman is coming back “one last …

2022-09-26: Trailer for The Last Of Us TV show is out. I am very excited for this.

2022-09-25: ☀️ ⛪️

2022-09-23: Oak worktops looking good 👌

2022-09-22: Lots of progress this week, hoping to be finished early next week

2022-09-21: FIFA 23 - Official Ted Lasso Trailer I guess I’m buying a Fifa game for the first time since …

2022-09-17: Plastering is done and the kitchen is being installed next week 🎉

2022-09-16: I’d love to re-edit Lost into shorter seasons. Drop all the side characters who have no effect …

2022-09-16: I Am Obsessed With the Queue @curiousiguana on Twitter It is the motherlode of queues. It is art. It is poetry. It is the queue …

2022-09-14: The most British thing ever: guidance for The Queue™ 🇬🇧👑

2022-09-14: Fix for Bluetooth Audio Cutting Out on the Mac Bluetooth cutting out randomly on my Mac when using wireless headphones has been an issue for me for …

2022-09-13: Perfect 🎧

2022-09-13: My AirPod Pros are completely knackered (battery is shit, rattling, speakers are shot in one of …

2022-09-12: Saw The Book of Mormon on Saturday and it was hilarious. Terrible day to go to London though, …

2022-09-09: For All Mankind season 2 and 3 is some of the best TV I’ve ever watched

2022-09-08: We have another wall 🙌

2022-09-08: There hasn’t been much in the way of visible progress but the lightning is now in, electrics …

2022-09-03: We’re having our kitchen extended into our garage. The progress in the first four days is really …

2022-09-02: Finished both seasons of The Wilds last night, I really enjoyed it. I also found out it’s been …

2022-09-01: Finished another run through of Futurama. It’s criminal that this was cancelled* and yet the …

2022-08-26: Good day today: saw Hamilton and Six

2022-08-18: I feel sick. Maybe it was the sandwich I ate or maybe it was the huge bag of sweets I ate at the …

2022-08-17: I added Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to my wishlist a few days ago and yesterday it went on sale. Not …

2022-08-16: Can’t believe Better Call Saul is over. What a great show.

2022-08-08: Latest album by Goldfinger, ‎Never Look Back, is excellent. The new version of Here in Your Bedroom …

2022-08-07: My first (and probably last) attempt at wallpapering. Not too shabby if I do say so myself🏡

2022-08-05: Finsihed Paper Girls season 1. Can’t say I was all that impressed with it, perhaps season 2 …

2022-08-02: Watched the first 3 episodes of Paper Girls last night. Could have done with a bigger budget for VFX …

2022-07-25: This is the best pizza I’ve made in the Ooni so far 🍕

2022-07-21: I know it’s free with PS++ (or whatever it’s called) but I had to preorder a physical …

2022-07-20: 🎙️ Ruminate 148 - I Love a Good Pickle Robb experiences some weather, they both play some new …

2022-07-20: Got to see a close friend graduate with his PhD yesterday. Could have done with it not being the …

2022-07-15: Beautiful day for relaxing in the park ☀️😎

2022-07-14: This Reddit thread “How on earth is anyone in this country coping with these energy …

2022-07-14: Finished the first season of Reacher on Amazon Prime last night. I don’t think I’ve ever …

2022-07-12: More Lego I want, my poor wallet. Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

2022-07-07: Huge Lego Bowser on the way. What a beast.

2022-07-07: The trailer for the Paper Girls series is out. I’m optimistic.

2022-07-07: Felt it was important to go back to Twitter just to tweet this on the very slim chance that maybe he …

2022-07-05: I just remembered that RIM/Blackberry used to own, and actively use, rim.jobs as their careers …

2022-07-05: Added the Eleventy generator meta tag to my site as per this post from David Darnes. You need at …

2022-07-01: Watched Stranger Things season 4. Might be the worst season for me.

2022-07-01: Spotify on Twitter: wanna know what songs would save YOU from vecna? head to your Upside Down …

2022-07-01: Punk Rock Factory covered Running Up That Hill and managed to make it a not mind-numbingly boring …

2022-06-30: My partner sent me an audio message (which she never does) and I’m such an old I accidentally …

2022-06-30: Sony’s new gaming monitor, the INZONE M9, looks great. Now to juggle the budgets so I can buy …

2022-06-29: 🎙️ Ruminate 147 - They Have Different Flavours John sets up his new desk, they both buy TVs, and …

2022-06-29: I can’t believe Apple Music still doesn’t have any kind of playback handoff between …

2022-06-28: Watched Watch If? Season 1 on Disney+. It was fine, nothing special. Felt very disjointed.

2022-06-28: New profile pic. I used to update it pretty much every year but then the event meant there was …

2022-06-27: Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen - Fuck You at Glastonbury 2022 This is excellent 🎵

2022-06-26: Finished set looks great but building the legs is really tedious.

2022-06-26: Time to build this

2022-06-24: The colors on the new neon Monzo cards are incredible. Had to go for pink of course.

2022-06-23: Just found out Paramount+ launched in the UK yesterday. Not sure I have any capacity for another …

2022-06-23: My partner has bought us Hamilton tickets for August. I can’t wait. And she got really good …

2022-06-22: Rewatched Stranger Things season 2 and 3. Spoiler alert: it’s a good show.

2022-06-22: The cats finally got brave enough to climb the tree in our garden

2022-06-21: Tony Hawk Confirms Plans for Pro Skater 3 + 4 Remake Were Abandoned After Blizzard Merger This makes …

2022-06-18: Rewatched Stranger Things season 1. I don’t think anyone has ever acted better than Winona Ryder in …

2022-06-18: Fireplace before and after. Not bad for a morning’s work 🔨

2022-06-17: Tuco uses the Infinity Stones in the most efficient way This is incredibly well done.

2022-06-17: New Lit album is out: Tastes Like Gold 🎵

2022-06-16: Decided to splash out on some Marks and Spencer hot dogs yesterday. Easily the best hot dogs …

2022-06-16: While I’m talking about music, the amount of 20th anniversary versions of some of my favourite …

2022-06-16: 🎵 Some new music I’m enjoying at the moment: State Champs - Kings of the New Age Simple Plan …

2022-06-15: 🎙️ Ruminate 146 - Untitled Cat Game John goes to WWDC. Robb is going to triple-dip on a game.

2022-06-14: Everything about this envelope that @jean used to send a MB sticker is lovely. The stamp, the brown …

2022-06-14: Apple were not messing about when it comes to battery life on the M1 Macbook Air.

2022-06-13: We have beds, blankets, and sofas he could sleep on but apparently damp bath is the way to go.

2022-06-13: Google Suspends Engineer Who Claimed AI Bot Had Become Sentient The uprising has begun. Be nice to …

2022-06-10: What’s New in Alfred 5? Looks like a lot of workflow changes and improvements. Will …

2022-06-10: Looks like we might be getting some Alfred 5 news today. From Friday last week: We can’t wait to …

2022-06-10: Github has added achievements to profiles. They don’t say what they are but I do already have …

2022-06-09: The Last of Us Part 1 is coming to PS5 in September. According to the trailer it’s fully …

2022-06-09: Some friends are visiting at the weekend so I sent them a photo of the cheese and crackers for the …

2022-06-07: This is, as best I can tell, not parody. The Bitcoin bros have come full circle.

2022-06-07: I like using Letterboxd for the social features and search, but I’d also prefer to have a log …

2022-06-07: Previous post was created with this shortcut by @ezellwrites. Being able to easily do quotes from …

2022-06-07: What if it’s almost impossible to get to grips with the epidemic of violence facing women and …

2022-06-06: I already made my wishlist for WWDC: Let me put icons wherever I want on the home screen Easy …

2022-06-06: Photo of the setup me and a friend had for 2012 WWDC when we would just read all the live blogs. …

2022-06-05: Watched Hawkeye season 1. Hailee Steinfeld is the perfect casting for Kate Bishop. I really hope we …

2022-06-05: Two weddings and a BBQ in the past 4 days is enough activities for the rest of the year I think.

2022-06-03: Our cats going outside for the first time in 7 months 😻

2022-06-02: Alfred 5 is coming soon 🙏

2022-05-31: 📷 Day 31, Endurance: 31 days, 31 photos, only one little cheat photo. I can live with that. View all …

2022-05-31: 🎵Simple Plan’s new album is so good. Same vibe as Still Not Gettin' Any.

2022-05-30: Pushed the first version of my own theme for Micro.blog to Github and it’s live on my site. …

2022-05-30: 📷 Day 30, Fish: I don’t have a fish-related photo so I drew one just for y’all. Try not to be too …

2022-05-30: 🎵 Don’t Panic’s photo from last night featuring a very blurry version of my partner and …

2022-05-30: Watched The World According to Jeff Goldblum season 2.

2022-05-29: Bowling for Soup acoustic set was fantastic 🎵 👌

2022-05-29: 📷 Day 29, Stripes: Back to the Future musical

2022-05-28: Should have tagged @geekyaubergine in this post but didn’t because I’m an idiot.

2022-05-28: Creating a Micro.blog Theme + Tailwind I wanted to have a go at building my own theme The …

2022-05-28: New lawn mower purchased, garden now mowed.

2022-05-28: I’m no expert but my lawn mower having fire come out of it doesn’t seem like one of its functions.

2022-05-28: 📷 Day 28, Fair: It’s fair to say we vastly underestimated the work required to sort the garden out

2022-05-27: 📷 Day 27, Written: A signed copy of A is for Angelica by Iain Broome which Sue decided was not worth …

2022-05-27: 🎵 There’s a new Punk Rock Factory Disney album out today! If you like Disney songs, punk rock, …

2022-05-26: Just watched Senior Year and it was hilarious. Also I want the record to reflect I am dissatisfied …

2022-05-26: I have a post that is missing the photos params in the metadata (verified this by downloading the …

2022-05-26: 📷 Day 26, Schedule: Always get the animal calendar

2022-05-26: What is black and white and read all over? With Noto Emoji you can change the color of your emoji …

2022-05-26: The new Proton plans look really good. VPN, email, storage all for the same price I currently pay …

2022-05-25: This strawberry and white chocolate flapjack I had today was incredible

2022-05-25: 📷 Day 25, Mountain: Renovating our house has been a mountain of work. Main bedroom progress shots.

2022-05-24: I am very excited by the new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder

2022-05-24: Lego have revealed the Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 and it’s an absolute beast: 3778 peices, …

2022-05-24: 📷 Day 24, Intricate: Engine block from Dom’s Dodge Charger

2022-05-24: Overnight I got a back in stock email for the Lego Horizon Tallneck but of course it’s out of …

2022-05-23: 📷 Day 23, Plain: Blinds I wanted to post a photo of my Plain White Ts album but I couldn’t …

2022-05-23: Watched One of Us is Lying season 1. Not that impressed. Started off strong but didn’t really …

2022-05-22: 📷 Day 22, Textile: DIY jeans

2022-05-22: I just said “Is this the show?” while having issues on a FaceTime call with my mum and instantly …

2022-05-21: 📷 Day 21, Symmetry: Covent Garden

2022-05-20: Watched Friends season 1-10.

2022-05-20: 📷 Day 20, Beverage: Prosecco at Piazza della Rotonda, Rome

2022-05-19: Couple of batches of sausage rolls made on my lunch break Put sausage meat in pre-made puff pastry …

2022-05-19: 📷 Day 19, Indulgence: Birthday cake my mum made me for my birthday earlier this year

2022-05-19: 🦠 Covid update: Slept for 12 hours straight including through an electrical storm. Feel somewhat …

2022-05-18: These Lego desk drawers are gorgeous but I’m not sure I can justify the best part of £200 for …

2022-05-18: Feels like it was inevitable but I’ve got the ‘rona now as well 🦠

2022-05-18: 📷 Day 18, Random: Sleepy Morpheus

2022-05-17: Put together a plugin to add a feeds page to my Micro.blog site: It links the main posts feed as …

2022-05-17: A detailed and complete list of things I want in iOS16: Let me put icons wherever I want on the …

2022-05-17: Google have reversed the decision to force everyone to pay for GSuite (or whatever it’s …

2022-05-17: 📷 Day 17, Hold: Neo holding on like his life depends on it

2022-05-16: This was much larger than I anticipated

2022-05-16: Just realised it’s May 16th 🎵

2022-05-16: I love this pocket watch photo by @BestofTimes

2022-05-16: The surreal experience of a viral tweet This is an excellent example of how the press is able to …

2022-05-16: From Party Parrots by @cheri: Time really flies when you stop snorting poorly-researched hot takes …

2022-05-16: 📷 Day 16, Time: Gigawatt Transformer

2022-05-15: Made some more tweaks so that photo challenge pages have a grid of the images at the top before …

2022-05-15: This is a really nice set

2022-05-15: Now on to Fast and Furious (2001) to watch some neon-clad cars steal VHS players.

2022-05-15: Today’s Lego build: Ford Mustang with Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) to accompany

2022-05-15: I made some tweaks to my photo page to make all the containers square and consistent. I’ve put …

2022-05-15: 📷 Day 15, Clouds: Line to London

2022-05-14: New blog post 👉 Thoughts on Micro.blog: A couple of weeks ago I signed up to Micro.blog and stopped …

2022-05-14: Finished ⚡️ 🚗

2022-05-14: Good Saturday building the Lego Delorean and watching Back to the Future.

2022-05-14: Bonus photo from the same location: cygnets 🥰

2022-05-14: 📷 Day 14, Fence

2022-05-14: Boris Johnson says people should work in-person again because when he works from home he gets …

2022-05-13: Posted about my MacStories Automation April content entry on my blog.

2022-05-13: MCR released a new track so if you’ll excuse me I’m off to buy some eyeliner like it’s 2005 again 🎵

2022-05-13: 📷 Day 13, Community: Half of #DevsDoDesign after winning the audience choice award at PubHack 5

2022-05-13: Went into the internet archive and grabbed all the previous iterations of my site that I could find …

2022-05-12: Just pushed a new version of my website inspired by the incredible design of @ezellwrites’s …

2022-05-12: Stripe have open-sourced their documentation library, MarkDoc Will have a play around with this …

2022-05-12: My partner’s luck ran out and she caught the plague. I think it’s important to support your partner …

2022-05-12: 📷 Day 12, Tranquility: No one has ever been this comfy

2022-05-11: 🎙️ Ruminate 145 - Tim Apple Walks It to You Games, postal services, and crypto. Three topics you …

2022-05-11: I’ve never seen a better example of the contempt landlords have for tenants who are, if we …

2022-05-11: 📷 Day 11, Maroon: Roses

2022-05-11: 🎮 Finished the main story of Horizon Forbbiden West last night after ~60 hours. Better than the …

2022-05-10: While googling for the link for my app I found a Hacker News comment about it: As much as I like …

2022-05-10: At least once I month I think about writing my own notes app for the Mac then realise what a …

2022-05-10: That’s enough DIY for today I think 😭

2022-05-10: 📷 Day 10, Pot: Plant and bonus PiSight

2022-05-10: Played Horizon Forbidden West on PS5. Better than the first one in every way. The ability to climb …

2022-05-09: 📷 Day 9, Bloom: Quick shot from the garden

2022-05-08: If I never have to hear that stupid TikTok automated voice ever again I’d be very happy.

2022-05-08: I think we all need to agree to prefix “mothers day” with the country we’re in as not to send …

2022-05-08: 📷 Day 8, Union: A union of pastry and sausage

2022-05-07: 📷 Day 7, Park: Central Park Christmas Day 2018

2022-05-06: 📷 Day 6, Silhouette: Security Team

2022-05-05: Voted ☑️ If you’re in the UK remind your family and friends to vote today.

2022-05-05: 📷 Day 5, Earth: Removing this tree stump from my garden consumed my every waking thought until I was …

2022-05-04: I made a little Alfred workflow to search and paste emoji. Lots of the existing workflows either: …

2022-05-04: Now Sifu has added difficulty options I’ve ordered a copy but it will have to go into the …

2022-05-04: It’s very quiet on here during the day with the people I follow. UK/EU timezone folks, make …

2022-05-04: 📷 Day 4, Thorny: Thorns

2022-05-03: This is so interesting a font designed by a tree that changes each year.

2022-05-03: 📷 Day 3, Experimental: Lego Large Hadron Collider micro models

2022-05-02: Couple of small updates to Micromarks this morning: “Remember Domain” on the login …

2022-05-02: 📷 Day 2, Photo: Our cats, Neo and Morpheus taken with Instax Mini 9 comic strip film

2022-05-01: Two more photos I really like from today’s photo challenge: Control panel by @alpower Signal …

2022-05-01: This photo by @thedimpause is lovely

2022-05-01: 📷 Day 1, Switch: I love these 70s light switches we have in our house

2022-04-30: This was delicious 🍍🥥🍹

2022-04-29: It works for my very specific needs so I’m not sure how useful it will be to other people but …

2022-04-29: Having decided to move my read later needs to micro.blog, I realised the current UI doesn’t …

2022-04-29: I’m slightly regretting my “use subdomains instead of buying separate domains for new …

2022-04-28: Thanks to @pratik’s help I have combined both shortcuts into one so it runs on both MacOS and …

2022-04-28: Thanks to @canion I now know I can use bookmarks here as my read later service (and finally ditch …

2022-04-28: This blog post from @ayjay is excellent: On micro.blog, you have absolutely no incentive to flex, …

2022-04-27: Content Muncher A “better” phrase for consumer from @imyke on Cortex 128 🎙

2022-04-27: 🎙️ New episode of Ruminate: 144 - app dot robb Robb goes indie blogging and John has a lot of games …

2022-04-27: Meta post as first post as is tradition.

2022-04-27: I’ve spent some time reading how micro.blog does/can work and I think it will be a good fit. Still a …

2022-02-27: Played Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5. Tried the trial, this isn’t for me.

2022-02-04: Watched After Life season 3.

2022-01-21: Played Vice City: Definitive Edition on PS5. The improvements from 3 are way bigger than I’d …

2021-12-31: Watched Superstore season 6.

2021-12-27: Watched Schitt’s Creek season 1-6.

2021-12-24: Finished Reading: The Anthropocene Reviewed. Quotes: “It is easy for me to feel like climate is …

2021-11-22: Watched Tiger King season 2.

2021-10-24: Played Deathloop on PS5. I enjoyed this but it didn’t live up to the hype. Definitely not GOTY …

2021-10-22: Watched Squid Game.

2021-10-13: Watched Grey’s Anatomy season 1-17.

2021-10-10: Watched Sex Education season 1-3.

2021-09-20: Watched The Inbetweeners season 1-3.

2021-08-06: Watched Grey’s Anatomy season 17.

2021-07-18: Watched Ted Lasso.

2021-07-16: Watched The Alienist season 1-2.

2021-07-14: Watched Loki.

2021-07-01: Watched Clarkson’s Farm season 1. This was very good and Clarkson actually seemed like a …

2021-06-18: Played Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PS5. This game looks incredible but I think the biggest …

2021-06-12: Watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7.

2021-05-31: Played Control Ultimate Edition on PS5. This was a hell of a lot of fun. The ashtray maze was …

2021-04-23: Watched Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 1. This was really disappointing.

2021-04-08: Watched The Boys.

2021-03-20: Watched Superstore season 1-5. Somehow I hadn’t even heard of this until recently but it is …

2021-03-12: Watched James May: Our Man In Japan.

2021-03-09: Watched James May: Oh Cook! season 1.

2021-03-07: Watched Timeless. I enjoyed this enough to watch the two seasons but it really could have done with …

2021-03-01: Watched The Purge season 1-2.

2021-02-14: Watched The Queen’s Gambit. Gave up after 3 episodes. The set design is great though.

2021-02-08: Played Destruction Allstars on PS5. Need to give this 6 months to see if they add anything else. …

2021-02-07: Watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 1-6.

2021-01-30: Played Skate on Xbox 360. This is really hard to get the hang of, especially with ~20 years of THPS …

2021-01-16: Played Immortals: Fenyx Rising on PS5. Despite the similarities between this and Breath of the Wild, …

2021-01-01: Played Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PS4. Someone finally remembered Tomb Raider is supposed to be …

2020-12-26: Played My Friend Pedro on PS4. This is ridiculously fun, although I’m not a massive fan of Pedro’s …

2020-12-25: Watched The Grand Tour - A Massive Hunt.

2020-12-23: Played Unravel Two on PS4. This game is gorgeous.

2020-12-22: Played Untitled Goose Game on PS4. This was fun but very short. Not sure it’s worth the full …

2020-12-16: Watched Better Call Saul season 4-5.

2020-12-14: Watched Gavin & Stacey.

2020-12-13: 🕯 💕

2020-12-12: 🎅 🍩

2020-12-12: 🛁

2020-12-06: Played Bugsnax on PS5. This is a lot of fun and feels like if the Pokémon catching gameplay had …

2020-12-04: Played Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS5. This is a really solid platformer with a lot of variety. The …

2020-12-03: Watched Lost season 1-6. I really enjoyed watching this 10 years on from the finale. My only …

2020-11-30: 🖕

2020-11-22: Played Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5. This is a lot shorter than the first game …

2020-11-20: Played Astro’s Playroom on PS5. This is a hell of a lot of run to play and is an excellent way …

2020-11-19: Watched The Crown season 4.

2020-11-16: Played Ratchet & Clank on PS4. I’d forgotten just how fun these games are and now …

2020-11-07: Watched Schitt’s Creek season 1-6.


2020-10-28: Durdle Door

2020-10-10: Watched Ted Lasso season 1. Best show of the year by far.

2020-09-25: Watched Des. Not enough David Tennant. Also not enough plot.

2020-09-12: Watched Love is Blind season 1. This is the pinnacle of garbage reality TV and I couldn’t stop …

2020-09-10: Played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 (100% Goals) on PS4. This is the perfect remaster. …

2020-09-02: Watched The Flood. Nature is nasty.

2020-09-01: Played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 on PS2. This is a big change from the first three. Way more …

2020-08-27: Watched For All Mankind season 1.

2020-08-26: Watched Scrubs season 1-9. We watched season 9 this time; it’s not as bad as I’d …

2020-08-24: Watched American Crime Story - The People v. O. J. Simpson.

2020-08-24: Watched High Score. They found some pretty interesting people for this to interview, not all the …

2020-08-24: Played Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PS4. This is a lot of fun, but I hope there’s some more …

2020-07-13: Watched My Name Is Earl season 1-4. Such a shame this got cancelled when it did, it was a great …

2020-07-06: Watched Arrowverse season 2019-2020. Legends got even more weird Arrow ended fairly gracefully …

2020-07-05: Watched Prison Break season 1-2. No point in going past season 2.

2020-07-02: Understanding The Last of Us Part II. Girlfriend Reviews is one of the best channels on YouTube.

2020-06-29: The Last of Us Part II Played The Last of Us Part II on PS4. Update: After speaking with Keenan I changed my mind about the …

2020-06-18: Played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 on PS2. I really hope after the 1+2 remake we get a remake of …

2020-06-13: Watched The Simpsons season 19.

2020-06-12: Watched Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

2020-06-05: Watched After Life season 1.

2020-06-05: Watched After Life season 2.

2020-05-24: Watched After Life season 2.

2020-05-24: Watched The Simpsons season 18.

2020-05-18: Watched The Simpsons season 17.

2020-05-11: Scrubs rewatch show with Zach Braff and Donald Faison? I’m in.

2020-05-09: Watched The Simpsons season 16. I think this is where it started going downhill.

2020-05-02: Watched The Simpsons season 30. Same as season 29, a mixed bag and lots of callbacks.

2020-05-01: Watched A Parks and Recreation Special. Perfect.

2020-04-24: Watched The Imagineering Story season 1. That fucking Spider-Man robot, wow.

2020-04-23: Watched The Simpsons season 29. A few good episodes but nothing amazing. A lot of “remember …

2020-04-13: Finished Reading: Scott Pilgrim (Color Version). I’ve had these on the shelf for a couple of …

2020-04-11: Watched The Stranger season 1. Hannah John-Kamen needs to be in everything.

2020-04-10: Watched The Morning Show season 1. Very good

2020-04-07: Watched The World According to Jeff Goldblum season 1. I think this could do with the episodes being …

2020-04-05: Watched Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. This was wild. I couldn’t stop watching.

2020-04-04: 💞 💦

2020-04-01: Watched Gotham season 4-5. I’m amazed at the restraint the writers had to not put Batman in …

2020-03-24: Watched Friends season 1-10.

2020-03-08: Watched The Good Place season 4.

2020-01-19: Finished Reading: Spider-Man Noir (Complete Collection). Fantastic.

2020-01-19: Finished Reading: Civil War.

2020-01-13: Watched Blackadder Goes Forth season 4. This is such a good series.

2020-01-10: Finished Reading: Killeroo: The Stones of Karantjiirinja. The art is beautiful but the story is …

2020-01-10: Finished Reading: Paper Girls (Vol 1). I picked this up for a couple of quid in a charity shop and …

2020-01-05: Watched Living with Yourself season 1. Paul Rudd is a treasure (and possibly immortal).

2020-01-04: Watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6.

2019-12-30: Watched Gavin & Stacey. Tidy.

2019-12-27: Watched Parks and Recreation season 1-7.

2019-12-21: Watched For All Mankind season 1.

2019-12-19: Watched Watchmen season 1. Amazing.


2019-11-28: Finished Reading: Watchmen. This is incredible.

2019-11-27: Played Pokémon Sword on Switch. This was really good and they nailed the UK vibe (even if it is a …

2019-11-19: Watched Russian Doll season 1. Not good enough that I’d watch it again, but very enjoyable.

2019-11-19: Watched The Crown season 3.

2019-11-01: Watched Scrubs season 1-8.


2019-10-29: 👌

2019-10-28: Aaaand relax.

2019-10-17: Watched The Big Bang Theory season 12.

2019-10-06: Played The Last of Us: Left Behind on PS4.

2019-10-06: Played The Last of Us (Remastered) on PS4. I’m about 6 years late but it was so worth it.

2019-09-02: Watched Young Sheldon season 2.

2019-08-30: Watched 13 Reasons Why season 3. They should stop now. Fun season, but totally lost the spark they …

2019-08-19: Watched Orange Is the New Black season 7.

2019-08-11: Finished Reading: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop.

2019-07-12: Watched The Confession Tapes season 2.

2019-07-11: Watched Stranger Things season 3. Robin is the best.

2019-07-06: Finished Reading: Spider-Ham with Captain Americat and Hulk-Bunny. I like Spider-Ham in the movie …

2019-07-06: Finished Reading: Spidey Fights in London. Some of these older comics really overtell the story. We …

2019-07-05: Finished Reading: Spider-Man: Life Story #1. Will definitely be picking up the TPB of this.

2019-07-01: Watched The Office season 1-9. I don’t know how to feel about this. On the one hand there are …

2019-07-01: Finished Reading: Spider-Man Annual #1 - Featuring Spider-Ham!.

2019-07-01: Finished Reading: Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1.

2019-06-27: Finished Reading: Jessica Jones: The Pulse. I love JJ so much.

2019-06-23: Finished Reading: All-New Hawkeye. The story is good but the art style is not to my liking.

2019-06-23: Finished Reading: Life is Strange: Dust. I’m so glad they’re doing more issues.

2019-06-23: Finished Reading: Hulkverines.

2019-06-23: Finished Reading: Exiles. A couple of issues in the middle took a dive in story and art, but came …

2019-06-22: Finished Reading: West Coast Avengers. Kelly Thompson is such a great writer. This series is a lot …

2019-06-19: Watched Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 3. Not the strongest season but I’m still very sad …

2019-06-10: Watched Arrowverse season 2018-2019. Arrow was way better than it had been in previous seasons. …

2019-06-02: Finished Reading: Spider-Verse. So much cool stuff going on here.

2019-04-20: Preparing the Way. 2 hours of buying a fridge. Incredible.

2019-04-18: Finished Reading: Hello World. This was a fascinating look at what problems we still need to solve …

2019-04-15: Finished Reading: Guardians of the Galaxy #19. This was fun. Will grab some more of this run at some …

2019-04-15: Finished Reading: Infinity War #1. Now I definitely need to read the rest.

2019-04-15: Finished Reading: Avengers Engame Prelude. Really isn’t worth getting these.

2019-04-13: 🚗⚡️🎻

2019-04-13: 👋

2019-03-22: Watched The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It was interesting to get a better sense of the …

2019-03-20: Bel-Air. I would totally watch this.

2019-03-19: Woke Brands. Pretty good video on the “outrage” surrounding Keurig, Nike, and Gillette.


2019-03-17: Watched Behind the Curve. Fucking hell these people.

2019-03-17: Watched After Life season 1. This is what happens when Ricky Gervais stops being an arrogant dick …


2019-03-08: Finished Reading: Captain Marvel: Prelude. Didn’t really add anything that isn’t in the …

2019-03-05: Played Get to Know Me: Video Games (One of those Twitter meme things). Favorite female video game …

2019-02-17: Played Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo on Switch. This game is delightful. Pre-ordered the full …

2019-02-09: Watched The Good Place season 3.

2019-02-07: Watched Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles.

2019-02-05: Watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5. This show keeps getting better.

2019-02-01: Watched Futurama season 1-7.

2019-02-01: Watched Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. I didn’t really know anything about …

2019-01-21: Not sure how I missed this Futurama Radio Show when it came out but this was a lot of fun to listen …

2019-01-20: Finished Reading: Spider-Gwen: Most Wanted?. The artwork is incredible. Going to read Spider-Verse …

2019-01-20: Finished Reading: Jessica Jones: Blind Spot. Perfect.

2019-01-19: Finished Reading: Bombshells United (1-4). I couldn’t bear to read any more of this. The story …

2019-01-19: Finished Reading: Rogue & Gambit (1-5). Kelly Thompson can do no wrong.

2019-01-19: Finished Reading: Domino (1-10). This is one of the best runs I’ve read. Can’t wait for …

2019-01-16: Played Detroit: Become Human. Damn this was good. Definitely need to play through again and be a …

2019-01-12: Finished Reading: Typhoid Fever (Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Fist). Confusing at first, but it enjoyed …

2019-01-06: Finished Reading: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1: BFF. Really fun. Cliffhanger in issues 6 …

2019-01-05: Finished Reading: Season’s Beatings.

2019-01-03: Watched House of Cards season 5. They did pretty well with what they had to work with.

2018-12-31: No surprises here, I only posted 2 photos before a week ago. #topnine2018 #topnine



2018-12-30: 👻

2018-12-29: I walked to the top and now I’m dead

2018-12-29: Hotel view




2018-12-25: Looking good this morning, New York

2018-12-18: Finished Reading: Merry X-Men Holiday Special. Fun.

2018-12-16: Played Marvel’s Spider-Man (The Heist) on PS4. Fuck the guys with miniguns.

2018-12-08: Finished Reading: Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse. I have no idea if this is supposed to be a …

2018-12-07: Max’s Serial-style podcast on this week’s episode of Do by Friday is the best thing ever …

2018-12-04: Watched The IT Crowd. The whole show is a masterpiece.

2018-12-01: Played Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!. Perfect.

2018-11-22: Played Red Dead Redemption 2 (Main Story). I still don’t like the controls, but holy shit do …

2018-11-11: Watched Young Sheldon season 1. This is surprisingly good, the writing is excellent. Reagan Revord …

2018-11-03: Watched Big Bang Theory season 11.

2018-10-29: Played Initial Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2. - I think they used the same cougar sound effect …

2018-10-25: Watched 30 Rock season 1-7. The final scene is perfection.

2018-10-23: Watched Making a Murderer season 2. Kathleen Zellner is amazing to watch, what a badass.

2018-10-20: Finished Reading: What If the Alien Costume Had Possessed Spider-Man? (True Believers Reprint).

2018-10-16: When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment.

2018-10-15: Watched American Vandal season 2. Perfection.

2018-10-15: Finished Reading: What If Gwen Stacy Had Lived? (True Believers Reprint).

2018-10-15: Finished Reading: What If? The Punisher. Not as much shooting as I’d expected but a good …

2018-10-14: Finished Reading: Back to the Future (Tales from the Time Train). Not as good some other parts of …

2018-10-14: Finished Reading: Hawkeye Omnibus. This really is as good as everyone says it is. But Kate is …

2018-10-06: Finished Reading: Spider-Man Annual.

2018-10-06: Finished Reading: What If? Spider-Man (Flash Thompson is Spider-Man). This was very good.

2018-10-06: Finished Reading: What If? X-Men (.EXE/men). The plot is messy and I don’t think I really …

2018-09-28: Finished Reading: The Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol. 1. Well now I’m going to have to buy more …

2018-09-28: Finished Reading: Deadpool: Games of Death. > Foolish, American. My elephant-stomping technique …

2018-09-28: Finished Reading: Deadpool Masacre. This was written in English, translated to Spanish, then …

2018-09-28: Finished Reading: West Coast Avengers #2. Another excellent issue.

2018-09-27: Watched The Staircase season 1. I came away from this convinced he didn’t kill his wife, until …

2018-09-19: Played Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. This is an incredibly fun game right from the start. The …

2018-09-04: The Incomparable Summer of Marvel was so much fun to listen to. 413 - How Ironic, Tony! 414 - …

2018-09-02: Finished Reading: The Definitive Deadpool (Marvel Platinum). - New Mutants #98 Deadpool/Death …

2018-09-02: Finished Reading: West Coast Avengers #1. Can’t wait to get more of this.

2018-09-02: Finished Reading: Jessica Jones. Lots of great cameos in this and Killgrave returning, even for a …

2018-08-30: Watched Orange is the New Black season 6.

2018-08-26: Finished Reading: Deadpool vs Thanos. Issue #4 is particularly good.

2018-08-16: Finished Reading: Alias (Volume 1). Having only watched the TV show until now, I didn’t know …

2018-08-15: Watched Better Call Saul season 1-3. I just assumed this’d be another Breaking Bad but …

2018-08-15: Reconcilable Differences 2018 Members Special with Todd Vaziri as a guest, excellent episode. You …

2018-08-07: Watched Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial.

2018-08-06: Watched Ricky Gervais: Fame.

2018-08-06: Watched Ricky Gervais: Politics.

2018-08-05: Watched Wynonna Earp season 1-2. Season 1 is excellent, first half of season 2 took a nose dive …

2018-07-28: Watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. These are so much fun to watch, especially the Obama …

2018-07-22: Watched Arrowverse season 2017-2018. Arrow was much better this year Supergirl was kinda meh Flash …

2018-07-15: Played Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Donkey Kong Adventure) on Switch. Not as good as the main …

2018-06-22: Watched Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 season 1-2. It is what it is. I enjoyed most …

2018-06-21: Played Toad Treasure Tracker (Demo). I really enjoyed playing the three demo levels while in …

2018-06-15: Played Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Main Story) on Switch. I wasn’t sure if I would like …

2018-06-13: Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! - Nintendo Treehouse. I …

2018-06-13: Watched Blindspot season 3.

2018-06-02: Watched The Crown season 1-2. I really enjoyed this although I take some issue with the way they …

2018-05-24: Finished Reading: The Vision (Little Worse Than A Man / Little Better Than A Beast). I read this as …

2018-05-20: Watched 13 Reasons Why season 2. Even more so than season 1, you should really consider if …

2018-05-15: Watched The Confession Tapes. The hoops the police will jump through just to get a conviction is …

2018-05-14: Watched Evil Genius. Fascinating.

2018-05-02: Nicer Tuesdays: Alex Norris. I love these comics so much. I like how Alex basically fell into doing …

2018-04-27: Watched The Defiant Ones.

2018-04-26: Finished Reading: Exiles #1.

2018-04-26: Finished Reading: Domino #1.

2018-04-19: Played #GameStruck4. - Mario Kart 64 Jak and Daxter Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 Grand Theft …

2018-04-12: Watched The Returned season 1. I hate every character. I hate the story. I hate it so much.

2018-04-11: Watched Parks and Recreation season 1-7. “Yes, we’re gonna get a dish rack, and shower …

2018-04-09: Joe and Dan finally did the entire Back to the Future trilogy and it was wonderful. Part 1 - …

2018-04-05: Watched Mindhunter season 1. Very good except the last two episodes where there seemed to be no real …

2018-04-01: Watched The Office (US) season 1. This is much more enjoyable than the UK version.

2018-03-30: Finished Reading: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed. I agree with CGP Grey; this should …

2018-03-26: I’ve never watched the American version of The Office because I was concerned about how …

2018-03-26: Watched The Office (US) season 1, Episode 1. This was a strange experience because the script is …

2018-03-25: Finished Reading: Citizen Brown. The story is a bit hectic to follow but it’s still …

2018-03-25: Finished Reading: Biff to the Future. Fills in the blanks between Biff getting the Almanac and the …

2018-03-25: Top Four Tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Top Four continues to be one of my favourite shows. …

2018-03-25: Finished Reading: Back to the Future #19-25.

2018-03-20: Break Down of ‘Atomic Blonde’ Fight Scene. I love this scene so much, seeing the work …

2018-03-13: Watched Ricky Gervais: Humanity.

2018-03-10: Watched Jessica Jones season 2. Another excellent season. David Tennant’s cameo was a nice …

2018-03-05: Watched Russell Howard: Live.

2018-03-04: Watched Jessica Jones season 1. Jessica Jones and the rest of the cast are some of the most …

2018-03-04: Watched Russell Howard: Recalibrate.

2018-03-02: Finished Reading: Back to the Future #4-18. There is a lot of back story in these as well as plenty …

2018-03-02: Watched The Big Bang Theory season 1-10. For all it’s problems, I still really enjoy this.

2018-02-27: Finished Reading: Back to the Future #3 (Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines). I like the idea that …

2018-02-23: Finished Reading: Back to the Future #2 (Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines).

2018-02-21: Finished Reading: Back to the Future #1 (Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines).

2018-02-10: Watched The Office (UK) season 1-2. This is as awkward to watch as ever but I still enjoy it. Two …

2018-02-04: Watched The Good Place season S2E08-12.

2018-02-02: 🌳🏡

2018-01-20: 🍔

2018-01-07: 🕍

2018-01-07: Played Golf Story on Switch. I didn’t actually finish this because I don’t have the …

2018-01-06: 🍔🍗🍺




2018-01-06: ☕️

2018-01-06: 🐱

2018-01-05: 🌊



2018-01-02: Watched The Good Place season 1, 2 up to E07. Kristen Bell is a treasure.

2017-12-31: Watched Chuck season 1-5. Even with the excessive Subway product placement, I still love this show.

2017-12-29: Played Life is Strange on PS4. Lots of problems with animation and frame rates, but the story and …

2017-12-26: Played Horizon: Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds on PS4. An amazing addition to the main game. Hard as hell …

2017-12-16: Done 🎁

2017-12-16: Wrapping time

2017-12-10: Top Nine

2017-11-29: Avengers: Infinity War Trailer. OMG

2017-11-16: Watched Beyond Stranger Things. Meh.

2017-11-15: Watched My Name is Earl season 1-4. This really deserves a few more episodes, or a season, to …

2017-11-14: 🍻

2017-11-04: Played Super Mario Odyssey (Main Story) on Switch. This is going head-on against Jak and Daxter as …

2017-10-30: Marvel’s Spider-Man Trailer. Gimme gimme gimme

2017-10-29: Watched Stranger Things 2 season 2.


2017-10-21: Watched Stephen Merchant: Hello Ladies… Live!.

2017-10-19: Watched Friends season 1-10. My two month Twitter thread: Rachel should have dumped Ross’s …

2017-10-06: 🏚

2017-10-04: 😺


2017-10-01: Watched American Vandal season 1. A perfect TV show.

2017-09-30: 🤔

2017-09-30: 😻

2017-09-23: ☀️

2017-09-02: Sorting

2017-08-28: Played Uncharted: Lost Legacy on PS4. Perfect. My favourite Uncharted game.

2017-08-20: Watched Defenders season 1. Not great. Iron Fist needs to be killed off as soon as possible.

2017-08-19: Watched Between season 1. Terrible acting in the first season. Interesting premise but completely …

2017-08-12: Watched 13th. Everyone should watch this.

2017-08-07: Watched Louis Theroux: America’s Most Hated Family in Crisis.

2017-08-07: Watched Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America.

2017-08-06: Watched Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles.

2017-08-06: Watched Louis Theroux: Behind Bars.

2017-08-05: Watched Louis Theroux: Miami Megajail.

2017-08-04: 🍕🔥

2017-08-02: Watched Gotham season 3.

2017-07-26: Played Behold the Kickmen on macOS. Despite starting as a joke, Behold the Kickmen is a really fun …

2017-07-25: 🌳

2017-07-25: 🚂🐒🦁

2017-07-20: Top Four Summer Songs. This was a fun episode.

2017-07-20: Watched The Keepers. Interesting, but ultimately leads nowhere.

2017-07-19: Watched Big Bang Theory season 10.

2017-07-13: Watched House of Cards season 5.

2017-07-07: Watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4.

2017-07-03: Watched Agents of SHIELD season 4. Slow start but gets really good after the first few episodes.

2017-07-01: Watched So F**king Rock Live. Tim Minchin is a genius.

2017-06-24: Watched Orange is the New Black season 5.

2017-06-19: Watched Prison Break season 5. Pretty good but it felt like a supercut of season one and two.

2017-06-18: 🌈

2017-06-17: 🌲☀️

2017-06-17: Played Firewatch on PS4. Mostly boring story and constant frame rate drops. Nope.

2017-06-17: Watched Blindspot season 1-2.

2017-06-14: Watched Arrowverse season 2016-2017. Flash was on (flash)point as always Mid-season Arrow was …







2017-05-11: Watched Sense8 season 2. A mostly boring season scattered with interesting fight scenes and a …

2017-05-02: Watched The OA season 1. A self indulgent 8 hour crapfest. I don’t recommend anyone watch …

2017-05-01: Played Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4. One of the best games I have ever played. Amazing characters, …

2017-04-17: Watched 13 Reasons Why season 1. Holy shit. This broke me.

2017-04-11: Watched Legends of Tomorrow season 1. Doesn’t get interesting until the last four episodes, …

2017-04-03: Watched Iron Fist season 1. Not completely terrible, but definitely the worst of the Netflix-Marvel …


2017-02-08: Watched Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special. Not the worst way to spend an hour.

2017-02-04: Played Gone Home on PS4. Wonderful. Everyone should play this.

2017-02-04: Played Journey on PS4. What a fantastic experience.

2017-01-24: Watched Futurama season 1-7. This should never have been cancelled. Such an amazing show.

2017-01-20: Played Trials Fusion on Xbox One. Pretty good. Gets impossibly difficult really quickly though.

2017-01-14: Played Lego Harry Potter 1-4 on PS4. Despite the infuriating bugs that exist from the PS3/360 …

2017-01-07: Played Unravel on Xbox One.

2016-12-31: Played Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens on PS4. Easily the best Lego game to date.

2016-12-16: Watched Westworld season 1. This is basically a perfect show.

2016-10-31: Watched Luke Cage season 1. Another amazing Netflix Marvel show. The soundtrack is perfect.

2016-09-21: Played Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One. A bit of a let down after playing Uncharted 4, but a …

2016-08-14: Beautiful day yesterday

2016-08-10: Played Uncharted 4 on PS4. Amazing, beautiful game. Probably my favourite of the series.


2016-03-25: Watched Nick Offerman: American Ham. Love this. Nick Offerman is my patronus.

2016-01-07: Played Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One.

2015-12-07: Gingerbread House

2015-12-07: Lego time

2015-11-27: Christmas


2015-10-23: Watched Back in Time.



2015-08-09: I have no idea what kind of monkey this is

2015-07-25: Draw me like one of your French girls


2015-06-27: Morning

2015-06-05: Hello

2015-04-22: It’s done.

2015-04-20: Window Cat

2015-04-05: This is how we do it.


2015-03-23: Five Guys

2015-03-23: London bound

2015-03-14: Sleepy


2015-03-12: Bought these, drunk, two years ago.

2015-03-05: Pimpin'

2015-03-04: Sleepy

2015-02-25: Platform 1

2015-02-23: Green Lantern

2015-02-21: It’s here.

2015-02-10: Adorable

2015-02-03: Fancy new bedding


2014-12-13: Our Small Christmas Tree

2014-12-01: Neo

2014-10-19: They drink it in the Congo

2014-10-16: What the Dickens?

2014-09-05: Executioner


2014-09-03: Wheel

2014-09-01: Hawkeye

2014-09-01: Hulk


2014-08-31: Tower Bridge

2014-08-31: Wheels

2014-07-26: In the shade

2014-04-21: Metalbeard

2014-04-21: Avengers

2014-04-20: Kinder Suprise

2014-04-06: Extended

2014-03-20: Studio Tour

2014-03-05: Home

2014-03-05: Bridge

2014-02-22: Wizard

2014-02-17: Tomorrow #devsdodesign #pubhack2

2014-02-16: Spaceman #lego

2014-02-15: Pyjamas Emmet #lego

2014-02-15: Lego Movie

2014-02-12: Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

2014-02-09: Iron Man and Iron Patriot #lego

2014-02-08: TMNT Hovercraft #lego

2014-02-03: GoSquated Logo

2014-01-21: Jelly Belly

2014-01-21: The fog is even worse here

2014-01-21: Fog.

2014-01-18: Boats

2014-01-06: Rainbow

2014-01-04: Played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD on Xbox 360. The levels looks great but this does not play as …

2014-01-01: No guns.

2014-01-01: New year

2014-01-01: One hour

2014-01-01: “Stella”

2013-12-31: Staircase

2013-12-31: Fifth and final Apple store

2013-12-31: Window

2013-12-31: Beautiful last day of the year

2013-12-30: Central Park

2013-12-30: Number four

2013-12-29: This is what Instagram was built for.

2013-12-29: Pick a brick

2013-12-28: Ruby

2013-12-28: Stairs

2013-12-28: Steak, egg and cheese bagel.

2013-12-28: Roof deck

2013-12-28: New colours for New Years.

2013-12-26: Sit down

2013-12-25: Christmas Day

2013-12-25: Now that is a bottle of wine.

2013-12-23: America fuck yeah.

2013-12-23: Empire

2013-12-23: Pandas

2013-12-23: Foggy as hell

2013-12-22: Tired.

2013-12-22: One World Trade Center

2013-12-22: Numbers

2013-12-22: Sixth Avenue.

2013-12-21: Cartier

2013-12-21: Now this is an energy drink. Cigarettes for scale.

2013-12-21: From the roof

2013-12-21: It’s a pretty good view to wake up to.

2013-12-20: Departures

2013-12-11: Sun

2013-12-10: Fog

2013-12-01: Cat in a bag

2013-11-29: More Cardiff

2013-11-28: Cardiff Bay

2013-11-27: Lights

2013-11-27: Cardiff

2013-11-10: Spiderman.

2013-11-04: New laptop sticker. You’re god damn right.

2013-10-18: Played Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360.

2013-09-12: Kittens ATTACK!

2013-09-11: Rabbit-person.

2013-09-09: Skittles candles

2013-09-09: Fascinated


2013-07-26: Gunwharf #nofilter

2013-06-29: Played Tomb Raider on Xbox 360.

2013-06-14: Played Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360.

2013-05-27: New piercing.

2013-05-25: Series 10.

2013-05-24: Cheetos. Winning.

2013-05-20: What you looking at?

2013-05-10: TELEPHONE!

2013-05-03: My kind of history.

2013-04-26: Mr @gsalderman and his manly blanket. #latergram

2013-04-23: 16mb RAM required.

2013-04-23: No internet connection required.

2013-04-18: Reflection

2013-04-16: They drink it in the Congo.

2013-04-12: Jolly Rancher Grape <3

2013-04-08: Green Day + Converse = Awesome.

2013-04-01: Update #001

2013-04-01: Hadouken #003

2013-04-01: Hadouken #002

2013-04-01: Hadouken #001

2013-03-17: One of the nicest CDs I’ve ever seen.

2013-03-16: I have no space for this. Not even a little bit.

2013-03-13: Friendly advice.

2013-03-11: Wheel

2013-03-09: Blue Peter

2013-03-02: Tootsie Roll.

2013-02-27: Awesome. #nofilter #alttag

2013-02-20: You’re a wizard, Harry

2013-02-20: Minifigs

2013-02-18: Pirates

2013-01-29: Neo is not impressed with his @mailchimp hat.

2013-01-28: Wonder why HMV are going bust? New vs Preowned.

2013-01-10: Sausage Fest

2013-01-09: Back the F up.

2013-01-04: “Smoucher: Vouchers on your smartphone”

2012-12-26: We’ve gotta go back…

2012-12-25: Breakfast juice.

2012-12-21: In my pants.

2012-12-14: Hiding

2012-12-13: Cheeselets

2012-12-10: There’s a new filter in Instagram. If that isn’t an excuse for a cat picture, I …

2012-12-10: Red. Ring. Of. Death.

2012-12-08: Dome

2012-12-07: Good morning.

2012-12-06: Installing…

2012-12-03: Criss Cross

2012-12-03: Trying out Instaplace app. I like it.

2012-11-30: Roasted pepper with chorizo and cheese.

2012-11-30: Coursework juice

2012-11-30: Done.

2012-11-29: Adorable.

2012-11-26: Neo.

2012-11-26: King of the world.

2012-11-22: Belkin iPhone 4/4s cases. From the 99p store. Amazing.

2012-11-22: “Area closed for essential maintenance”

2012-11-21: Fancy new screen at Domino’s

2012-11-21: We’re getting a kitten.

2012-11-15: Ghetto as fuck.

2012-11-14: Man love.

2012-11-14: Artwork

2012-10-31: I have my orders

2012-10-31: Database design

2012-10-25: Damn.

2012-10-24: iPad cat

2012-10-20: Home made wedges #nofilter

2012-10-20: Cookies

2012-10-14: Dying my hair

2012-10-11: The list. For @imyke.

2012-10-08: Mrs. Robb Lewis. What?

2012-10-05: Framed.

2012-10-03: This feels odd.

2012-10-03: Man these are good

2012-10-02: Mobile interaction design

2012-09-30: King

2012-09-29: Tucked up in bed

2012-09-25: Umbrella

2012-09-25: The hunt for Lolly Pops

2012-09-25: Bird is the word

2012-09-22: Taking the leap.

2012-09-22: It’s alive!!!

2012-09-22: Big ass TV

2012-09-21: Maintenance

2012-09-21: Must. Resist. Buying.

2012-09-20: New poster

2012-09-20: Geek antique

2012-09-19: ReadWriteWeb

2012-09-19: Sunshine

2012-09-18: OMGWOOYEAH!!!1

2012-09-18: Gangsta for life

2012-09-18: Excellent career advice notes

2012-09-15: Expensive coaster

2012-09-15: iOS6.

2012-09-14: OH: “So does holding your breath”

2012-09-14: We’re back.

2012-09-10: Juicy

2012-09-08: Flight path

2012-09-08: Waitrose Victoria sponge. Oh. My. God.

2012-09-08: The Countryside. Hazards everywhere.

2012-09-07: “We looked forward to the Dressage Event” #parishnewsletter

2012-09-07: Sunset last night.

2012-09-07: The landline has an RSS reader.

2012-09-07: Stuart

2012-09-03: That’s what she said.

2012-08-26: Mr Johnson

2012-08-24: “Special delivery instructions: Draw a cat on the box”

2012-08-19: Bargain. Got three.

2012-08-18: I bring you FIRE

2012-08-18: Strong Pear FTW.

2012-08-18: Porky White’s. Insert childish giggling here

2012-08-18: On the train

2012-08-10: “Unless you’re on fire”

2012-08-10: In the garden. “Grab a taste of Friday”

2012-08-10: Breakfast for two.

2012-08-08: I <3 my bedroom

2012-08-08: Grown ups

2012-08-08: The sofa is in. My bedroom.

2012-08-04: Snail

2012-08-03: Close up

2012-08-03: Floating man at Covent Garden

2012-08-03: Two words: Thundercats Converse <3

2012-08-02: Flags

2012-07-28: Two tweets, two identical responses. Weird. /@imyke @iainbroome


2012-07-21: Downloading… //@cooking_with

2012-07-19: 99p bargain.

2012-07-13: Wait for it…

2012-07-10: Package. //@fightingtyler

2012-07-08: Comic Sans and 15PM. Wow.

2012-07-03: #pfmeet @pfmeet

2012-07-01: Getting scarier…

2012-07-01: Scary text

2012-06-29: Field notes

2012-06-29: Poster

2012-06-29: National Crop

2012-06-22: Colours

2012-06-22: MiniDisc still works

2012-06-22: MiniDisc

2012-06-22: New bed.

2012-06-20: Spinnaker.

2012-06-17: Apple.

2012-06-17: Sixty nine

2012-06-17: And this is why we need to go and find food in the outside world.

2012-06-16: Footballing.

2012-06-16: Apple TV

2012-06-15: Reinstall.

2012-06-11: WWDC Party.

2012-06-11: Still Dre. I mean still free. #damnyouautocorrect

2012-06-03: Funniest thing ever. /@hannahellerker

2012-06-03: Nachos.

2012-06-03: The wind kinda caught the gazebo.

2012-06-02: To be filed. Forever.

2012-06-02: Spending my lottery winnings. All £2.70 of it.

2012-05-30: Ghetto.

2012-05-25: Best purchase ever. Better than an iPad.

2012-05-24: High functioning narcissist for hire.

2012-05-22: I’m coming for ya CORGI.

2012-05-18: Cocktails

2012-05-15: Night starts now, baby roll with us…

2012-05-13: Hangover cure

2012-05-12: As long as you’ve had fun..

2012-05-12: Weird.

2012-05-11: Guildhall from James Watson

2012-05-11: Mike felt left out…

2012-05-11: Explaining Instagram

2012-05-11: Free drinks!

2012-05-10: Pimpin'

2012-05-03: Bit close.

2012-04-29: New converse. Watching TV.

2012-04-27: Lunch. And dinner. And probably breakfast.

2012-04-24: Man love.

2012-04-21: Miss @ellerker9’s gunna love this

2012-04-21: New t-shirts

2012-04-20: AirServer

2012-04-19: Boredom breeds moustache.

2012-04-18: Autocorrect

2012-04-15: Lunch

2012-04-14: My “winnings” #2pmachines

2012-04-14: The train hurtling toward us.

2012-04-14: Milkshake

2012-04-12: Call that an Easter egg? This is an Easter egg.

2012-04-07: Hooked.

2012-04-05: Overdressed for the pub much?

2012-04-02: Tickets booked

2012-04-01: WOOOOOO!!!

2012-04-01: Kindle corner

2012-04-01: Power Horse

2012-04-01: Cables

2012-03-31: Samples

2012-03-30: S

2012-03-30: OMGSNAKEBITE

2012-03-30: This is living

2012-03-30: 330am.

2012-03-28: Happy Easter to me.

2012-03-27: Disco elephant.

2012-03-25: Plastic. Classy.

2012-03-25: Guildhall #nofilter

2012-03-23: Mmm responsive

2012-03-21: And we have custom screensavers. #kindle

2012-03-20: Diagnostics

2012-03-17: It’s Elmo time!

2012-03-17: New and improved walrus.

2012-03-17: A package from @ismh. What could this be…

2012-03-15: I am the Walrus. //@andybeta

2012-03-14: Skint dinner.

2012-03-13: Fit.

2012-03-13: Take his PowerPoint licence away

2012-03-10: Name tag. #carmichaelwedding

2012-03-10: The stag. With a hat.

2012-03-09: The stag. Entertaining the guests. #carmichaelweddingeve

2012-03-06: Before…

2012-03-03: Strongbow

2012-03-01: My mums new dog. So f**king cute.

2012-03-01: Snack.

2012-02-26: “Very drinkable”. Yep, no shit.

2012-02-25: Engineering

2012-02-25: Covent Garden.

2012-02-25: Stag

2012-02-25: Damn you autocorrect.

2012-02-25: Tired. Off to London.

2012-02-24: Back to the Future Tattoo

2012-02-24: New bag.

2012-02-23: Thug Life.

2012-02-23: Haircut

2012-02-17: Hung.

2012-02-17: Signed, framed and ready to be hung.

2012-02-16: More new converse //@terrylucy

2012-02-14: Once I get @useclear I can get rid of these.

2012-02-14: Making a move…

2012-02-14: Totally just ordered a @512px t-shirt.

2012-02-12: Mistakes

2012-02-11: Shots. #alisbetastagdo

2012-02-11: Classy drinks for @dotalistair’s beta stag do.

2012-02-11: Dinner.

2012-02-11: Ouch. Poor @dotalistair.

2012-02-11: I <3 my new Converse.

2012-02-02: But childish…

2012-01-31: Thanks, Debbie.

2012-01-29: Close.

2012-01-28: Like a boss.

2012-01-28: Getting worse… #wordswithfriends

2012-01-28: Testing out PicStitch

2012-01-28: Worst start to a WWF game ever.

2012-01-25: Winning.

2012-01-24: Lit Review

2012-01-21: Babysittin'

2012-01-17: This is not how I like to buy crisps.

2012-01-17: New speakers biaaaatch.

2012-01-15: Enchilada time.

2012-01-15: This is going to be fun. #litreview

2012-01-11: “It only ends once, anything that happens before that is just progress”

2012-01-09: I love my friends. Happy birthday to me.

2012-01-08: Lost on the train.

2012-01-08: Wahoo!!

2012-01-05: H&M just get me.

2011-12-30: That should do it. #NYE

2011-12-27: That’s more like it. #iTunes12days

2011-12-22: Ready for the Christmas party…

2011-12-22: Played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PS2.

2011-12-21: ‘Cause it’s Christmas…

2011-12-18: My mum’s coming for Christmas…

2011-12-13: Frog in the garden.

2011-12-10: Dinner

2011-12-10: Mobile workstation.

2011-12-10: Sun’s up.

2011-12-10: Don’t tell me what to do.

2011-12-10: The early bird… #teenweb

2011-12-09: Oh crap. I’ve started writing in Markdown. In real life.

2011-11-24: #csstattoo

2011-11-23: Beautiful.

2011-11-20: Geting there… #programmingcoursework

2011-11-20: Holy crap it worked. #programmingcoursework

2011-11-16: Snacks for the evening :D

2011-11-06: Sun.

2011-11-05: The close up.

2011-11-05: Just like the picture on the box.

2011-11-04: Building.

2011-11-02: Test

2011-11-02: Early Christmas present. Thank @nickxjohnson.

2011-11-02: Beautiful.

2011-11-02: Toad in the hole

2011-10-30: The aftermath.

2011-10-29: This. Is. Halloween.

2011-10-24: It’s here.

2011-10-23: Too much work…

2011-10-22: Can’t do any more. Need a rest.

2011-10-21: Fun.

2011-10-21: Keys. Not mine.

2011-10-19: Cleaned.

2011-10-19: Burnt my hand. Hurts like hell.

2011-10-17: Healthy breakfast…

2011-10-15: Charging…

2011-10-15: Because @ThreeUK delivered on the wrong day, this is the queue.

2011-10-13: Bored.

2011-10-05: Scream Egg. Yum.

2011-10-04: Ready…

2011-10-04: Healthy lunch.

2011-09-30: Welcome to The Manor

2011-09-25: Testing ifft.

2011-09-24: I wasn’t going to…

2011-09-22: Ha.

2011-09-21: Yes!

2011-09-19: This is painful.

2011-09-18: Shotzzzzzzzzz

2011-09-18: Ready for freshers. #nothingtoeat

2011-07-29: Rocking.


2011-07-10: Makin' bacon before Karaoke Sunday

2011-07-06: Waiting for a lift…

2011-06-28: My awesome new MBP decal

2011-04-21: That’s a lot of man love, right there.

2011-04-06: Oh, hell no. The font. Help.

2011-03-25: Train’s late.

2011-03-25: Still Dre


2011-02-15: Testing out Instagram again. I think I prefer it to PicPlz

2010-12-04: The photo wall is back.

2010-11-04: Trying my glasses out. Not sure.

2010-11-03: Screwman.

2010-11-03: College sucks. Simon looks happy.