What if it’s almost impossible to get to grips with the epidemic of violence facing women and girls when we’re not able to clearly name and examine the problem?

From Men Who Hate Women by Laura Bates

Finished Reading: The Anthropocene Reviewed. Quotes:

“It is easy for me to feel like climate is mostly an outside phenomenon, whereas I am mostly an inside phenomenon”

“‘Happy birthday, sir, despite the circumstances”

Additional things to look into:

Finished Reading: Scott Pilgrim (Color Version). I’ve had these on the shelf for a couple of years meaning to get to them. I should have read them sooner.

Finished Reading: Killeroo: The Stones of Karantjiirinja. The art is beautiful but the story is lacking.

Finished Reading: Paper Girls (Vol 1). I picked this up for a couple of quid in a charity shop and now I’m ordering volumes 2-6 on Amazon.

Finished Reading: Watchmen. This is incredible.

Finished Reading: Spider-Ham with Captain Americat and Hulk-Bunny. I like Spider-Ham in the movie but I think I’m going to skip the comics from now on.

Finished Reading: Spidey Fights in London. Some of these older comics really overtell the story. We don’t need to know every single thought in Spider-Man’s head.

Finished Reading: Jessica Jones: The Pulse. I love JJ so much.

Finished Reading: All-New Hawkeye. The story is good but the art style is not to my liking.

Finished Reading: Hulkverines.

Finished Reading: Exiles. A couple of issues in the middle took a dive in story and art, but came back pretty quickly. There’s a lot of fun characters in this.

Finished Reading: West Coast Avengers. Kelly Thompson is such a great writer. This series is a lot of fun; it’s a shame it was cancelled.

Finished Reading: Spider-Verse. So much cool stuff going on here.

Finished Reading: Hello World. This was a fascinating look at what problems we still need to solve with using AI and machine learning before we can fully rely on them.

Finished Reading: Guardians of the Galaxy #19. This was fun. Will grab some more of this run at some point.

Finished Reading: Infinity War #1. Now I definitely need to read the rest.