“Is it covid or just a cough” is my 2021 game of the year.


Any Portsmouth people: Kingston Surgery are doing walk-in boosters today until 5:30 and for the rest of the week.

Booo Bowling for Soup gig has been moved to next year 😭️ thanks brexit covid

“Due to covid we’re experiencing longer wait times”

This was believable a year ago, not 18 months into the pandemic

I’m well aware of the feeling of renewing domains for projects I never finished, but having to renew my wedding one is on a new level.

Covid: PM and chancellor not isolating after Javid test https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57877373

“We have to isolate”

“There’s a new very real and not made up just now pilot scheme that means we don’t”

Boris poked his head out the door and saw his shadow

Vaccine booked 🎉️

33+ is opening up now on the NHS website, have at it

The CDC says fully vaccinated people can dance if they want to. They can leave their friends behind.

Voters: “Clap for the NHS”

“Also maybe vote for a party that will actually focus on the NHS?”

Voters: “Nah”

Laughter is the best vaccine

Government: You may meet people outside

People: Meets people outside


“People are keen to return to the office…”

Oh how interesting, I wonder where this conclusion has come from

“…says a boss at Britain’s biggest office and retail complex”


I’ve watched over 100 episodes of Four in a Bed in the last year so don’t talk to be about achieving things during lockdown.

This seems like a bad idea

March 2020: I don’t think much of this working from home, this is where I live October 2020: I should order some comfier pyjamas February 2021: orders an Oodie I am one with the house

If I was making a vaccine I would simply make one that only requires one dose and also made loads of it

who had “sea shanties make a comeback” on their 2021 bingo card

Lockdown 3: Tokyo Drift

Tier 2: High Tier 3: Very High Tier 4: Verizon Ultra High 5G Max