My coworkers are a nightmare

At least I can get back to my perpetual covid-related anxiety now

Lockdown 2: The Lockdownening

tbh it’s all gone a bit downhill since Tiger King

Imagine being the mayor of a city which is basically just a ceremonial role and now you’re in charge of negotiating with the government to get funding.

“I just wanted to wear the fancy robes and cut some ribbons”

Good advice for life in general tbh

Happy March 215th everyone.

We finally have a COVID app just in time for me to not go anywhere for 6 months


Finding it very hard to have sympathy for the people the news are interviewing who decided to go on an international holiday during a pandemic

“And he tells parents who are reluctant to send their children back, there is “no reason for your kids to miss out on their education”.”

Except for that pesky virus, sure.

Thank god the shops are open again

“The first rule of street bingo is that you really must try and tell as many people as possible about it. It’s a rather fun game and the more people you tell about it the better”

The government are apparently going to suspend Sunday trading laws?

It’s about fucking time.

It’s amazing that the government has managed to convince people to be angry at their neighbours for doing things the government said they can do.

The risk hasn’t changed, stay the fuck home.

I would hope everyone knows this, but to be sure: just because the government is allowing people meet up, go to shops, whatever, doesn’t mean the risk has changed. There’s still just as much risk as there was before, but there’s room at the hospital for you.

Lockdown’s over then. Do whatever you feel like.

Don’t mind me just ordering a mask on Amazon

If the Prime Minister sees his shadow it’s three more weeks of lockdown

What the hell does “stay alert” mean? Look out for the virus? This is so dumb.

“The current limit on outdoor exercise is once a day, alone or with members of your household.”

Does anyone at the BBC fact check anything before they report it? This just isn’t true.

I miss Nando’s

My mum swooping in with the Tiger King hot takes

That’s not at all ominous