Posted a follow-up to my webmentions post with some additional links and tools including an Eleventy plugin I didn’t even think to look for 🤦‍♂️

💬 Adding Webmentions to Your Site

In which I fumble through and somehow get this working. I’ve tried to explain what I’ve learnt as best I can but I’m still not 100% on how this works if I’m honest 🤷‍♂️

A grid of avatars labelled as likes and boosts. Then a comment below from a person called Alans

Webmentions are live and working on blog posts right now if you wanna take a gander while I try and write this post.

Look at all these cool people (it works 🙌)

A grid of circular avatars labelled as Likes.

Wondering if anyone decides to show webmentions for pages on their site as well as blog posts? Blog posts is obvious but I’m not so sure about pages.

There is discussion happening there so seems like maybe yes? I dunno.

With the help of eleventy-plugin-og-image I now have automatically generated og images for my metatags on my site 👌

A screenshot of my meta image. It says Robb Knight and the blog post title of Letters January 2023

I’ve been using Clean Links in Safari the past few days to nuke tracking parameters from URLs before I even get a chance to copy them and it’s been working really well. Fair warning it breaks some outgoing links from Facebook, so it’s double-good.

10 years ago today Pebble starting shipping to backers. It was limited but I had so much fun making apps and watch faces for it.

3 pebble watches with a GoSquared app, a 512 pixels logo, and a Zelda-inspired watch face

DNS is done…DNSing, so here we go:

Weird things! Wacky things! Fun things!

Just a bunch of fun and weird websites to peruse, add more on Github or send them to me!

A white square that says in pink comic sans with yellow stars in the background


A notification that says Chaos Web has been deployed

I did forget about a project last night: Knockoffia, a fully (sort of) working Nokia 3310 with audio clips recorded by me. This was a hackathon team effort and not just me.

A nokia 3310 with a screen that says Devs Do Design

Upgraded my site to 11ty v2 with zero issues 👏 Also added caching to my data files which I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Build with cache is down to 0.52 seconds ⚡

It’s the year of chaos on the web (I decided) send me links to your weird and wacky projects 🤪

Last one: Stig Quote Generator.

I grabbed every “some say…” Stig intro from the Top Gear wiki, split them, and then randomised them.

“Some say that he can’t eat mashed potato for religious reasons, and that when he dies he thinks you’ll go to Devon”

Weird old project number three: Who’s That Emoji? a game à la “Who’s that Pokémon” from the anime.

It uses the fact that you can (sometimes) color emojis in css but it doesn’t work all the time. I did this in about 10 minutes, question five actually shows you the emoji 🙃

A colorless heart emoji and the website is asking which color it is

Old project two: Back to the Future drinking game.

Shortly after I made this, we played it, and I don’t remember much. Needless to say the Robb Knight corporation takes no responsibility for injuries, this website is for education purposes only, do not actually play this.

Text that says Back to the Future drinking game

I think I’ll do a post or two to go deeper into some of the scraping and API stuff I’m doing for my now page.

⭐ Automating My Now Page: “a veritable grab-bag of python and node scripts, web scraping, and APIs”

A grid of album art, titled Albums

📋 Echo now supports JSON feeds and I fixed a bug where setting up webhooks in the config editor wouldn’t work in some cases.