Importing Tweets into

I wanted to import a bunch of tweets from my archive (mostly cat photos and a few other bits) but I didn’t want to have to manually go through each tweet, copy the text and download the photos. So I wrote a script to do it for me once I had the IDs (which I got with my Safari shortcut).

One thing that had annoyed me for a while is I didn’t keep a diary/note of things that happened and my thoughts during the first year of so of the pandemic but thanks to going through my archive I now have that. On a cheerier note I have a lovely collection of animals in the pets category. These additional categories were done manually (with the help of QLMarkdown) as I couldn’t think of a way to automate this.

Once I had the IDs it was a case of getting the format correctly (for example, will fail an import with empty categories in the YAML). I was able to take ~450 tweets, convert them to markdown and import them into For example, this tweet:


date: 2022-10-20T13:56:19+00:00
categories: Imported Tweets

"You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me"


The script isn’t perfect. It doesn’t do anything with hashtags or usernames, nor does it check if a tweet is a reply or a retweet. The project has steps for using it on your own archive.

I put together a page which links all the various things I’ve made (and there’s another one incoming soon I think)

šŸ”— Tools

Things I had to google today:

Years ago I knew so much about jQuery. Since then it’s all fallen out of my head in favour of vanilla JS.

New Shortcut for Mac and iOS: Follow Mastodon User on

Go from a Mastodon profile like https://mastodon.instance/@cooluser to to easily follow someone.

Pushed the first version of my own theme for to Github and it’s live on my site. I’m particularly happy with the post photo grid.

I used Paper as a base so credit to @amit for all the work he’s done there.

I made some tweaks to my photo page to make all the containers square and consistent. I’ve put the CSS up here if anyone else wants to do the same.

TIL about the aspect-ratio CSS rule

Couple of small updates to Micromarks this morning:

  • “Remember Domain” on the login screen so you don’t have to input your domain every time you want to login
  • A favicon because I forgot to do one initially šŸ™ƒ

It works for my very specific needs so I’m not sure how useful it will be to other people but the code is on GitHub if anyone is into that kind of thing.

Having decided to move my read later needs to, I realised the current UI doesn’t work quite how I want. Specifically hiding when deleting/unbookmarking and multi-delete, so I made a little web app to do exactly that.

šŸ”– Micromarks

Ready for another day of decoding HTML though a multi step process.

Internet: There are many existing solutions for this

Me, a developer and also an idiot: but what if built my own solution instead

šŸ”„ļø Monzo Pot Image Generator

Pick an icon from the Font Awesome set, pick a background color, download.

Code review

oh hi past me šŸ‘‹

Stand back everyone, Iā€™m writing Objective-C.

web development after a two week christmas break

BOOM #PubHack4