I just noticed that omglolcli was my 100th repository on GitHub 💯

I am deep into this omg.lol CLI.

There’s way more features than I considered when I started this.

Music support is now in Lantern. Search for albums, artists, or tracks but only albums have artwork because Last.fm don’t expose artwork for artists or tracks.

A screenshot showing a grid of icons: games, tv, music, album, song, and artist.

Bye Almanac, Hello Lantern:

I’ve missed being able to quickly search for a movie or TV show to grab the year or link when posting to Micro.blog. Which is why I built Lantern.

Saying goodbye to an okay blogging platform with an excellent name and replacing it with Lantern.

A screenshot of Lantern showing a search for The Last of Us, a search result with year and an image, and a box with the markdown in it to post to micro.blog

Foiled by CORS errors. Bedtime me thinks.

Project Lantern coming along a lot faster now I’ve switched to Netlify functions for the backend 🔥

🔊 I’ve updated Echo with the ability to cross-post to Mastodon or post a webhook when a new item is found (the new structure allow for adding services much more easily).

The shiny new website has a config builder so you don’t need to mess about in the JSON if you don’t want to.

A terminal output showing Echo checking for items on status.lol and Letterboxd. New items created have a star emoji next to them.

Javascript, Community:

The question I keep asking though: is the divide borne from a healthy specialization of skills or a symptom of unnecessary tooling complexity?

Excellent article.

I was being a grumpy git last night about Tailwind. If anyone has articles they like about the benefits/downsides to Tailwind I’d be interested in seeing them.

I would, in hindsight, amend my original statement to “I don’t completely hate Tailwind”.

It does what it claims to do but I’m still not convinced it’s a good solution for a lot of projects.

I think maybe I like Tailwind now. Not sure what to do with this information.


I spoke too soon. It doesn’t work exactly as I want so onwards with development.

Love to start building an idea only to find someone has already solved it exactly like I want. On the one hand, it’s annoying to waste the work I’ve done. On the other, it means I don’t have to build it now 🙌

🔊 Import RSS to Micro.blog with Echo

Echo is a node script to post new items from an RSS feed to Micro.blog

I wanted more control over RSS feed import so I made this.

Portion of a terminal window. It shows messages for fetching for status.lol and Letterboxd, then messages showing posts being created.

Sneak peek at Echo 👀

Portion of a terminal window. It shows messages for fetching for status.lol and Letterboxd, then messages showing posts being created.

Other than status.lol and Letterboxd, what are some other feeds people tend to import into their Micro.blog? No reason at all, nothing to see here 👀

If anyones wondering if you could build a bridge between Micro.blog and Mastodon to make M.b work in Mastodon apps: you can. But you shouldn’t.

Fun excerise for sure but…no.

Had a play around with web components building a simple one to load statuses from status.lol. Being able to style them only from the component limits what I think I’d use them for but it was a fun experiment. If anyone has any good articles about web components, send them my way.

ntfy.sh is an interesting service. No auth, just send a message via the API to a “topic”, and get notifications.

I’ve set it up for deployment notifications for my sites, really easy to use.

Spent an hour or so sorting out my site meta tags. This site is really useful for debugging. Do I know how to party on NYE or what?