“You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me”

I heard we’re desk roasting this week

tired: 9to5 mac

wired: full time macintosh

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again

I’m like Ron fucking Swanson over here

Squad Goals

Still think about Sue who sold her personalised signed copy of @iainbroome’s book on Amazon.

I’m no expert but I don’t think the fire coming out of my electric drill is supposed to be there.

These towel hangers from our 70s bathroom are really something

Write plain text files | Derek Sivers https://sive.rs/plaintext

“the most reliable, flexible, and long-lasting option” 💯

Turns out Rome is pretty nice


Tired: watch a movie

Wired: watch a weeks worth of Come Dine with Me

“So you all spent the day just watching planes land?”

“There was a big wind too though”

“Okay grandad whatever you say”

📷️ Building a PiSight https://rknight.me/building-a-pisight/

I was able to get this up and running and I’m very happy with it (ignore the crappy lighting in my temp office).

Thanks to @maxbraun and @muffinresearch for writing up how they did it.

presented without comment

Younger me would be embarrassed at how excited I am about buying new filters for my vacuum cleaner.

Remember when Diane Abbott had a sneaky mojito on the tube and everyone lost their fucking minds

This was ridiculously good

“Is it covid or just a cough” is my 2021 game of the year.

It will never not be funny to me that Just Eat is called MenuLog in Australia