Pushed the first version of my own theme for Micro.blog to Github and it’s live on my site. I’m particularly happy with the post photo grid.

I used Paper as a base so credit to @amit for all the work he’s done there.

I made some tweaks to my photo page to make all the containers square and consistent. I’ve put the CSS up here if anyone else wants to do the same.

TIL about the aspect-ratio CSS rule

Couple of small updates to Micromarks this morning:

  • “Remember Domain” on the login screen so you don’t have to input your domain every time you want to login
  • A favicon because I forgot to do one initially 🙃

It works for my very specific needs so I’m not sure how useful it will be to other people but the code is on GitHub if anyone is into that kind of thing.

Having decided to move my read later needs to micro.blog, I realised the current UI doesn’t work quite how I want. Specifically hiding when deleting/unbookmarking and multi-delete, so I made a little web app to do exactly that.

🔖 Micromarks