He’s so proud of himself πŸ™„

A cat next to a dead bird

Happy caturday everyone 🐱

A black and white cat lounging on a duvet

Friday night

A white and black cat sleeping on a blanket.

My cats have made a desire path through the garden. They only ever walk that exact route.

A garden with a trodden-down path through it

A rare moment where these idiots have decided to share

Interrupted them fighting

Keeping a beady eye on everything

βœ… Cat flap installed

On the bright side, we have a new back door ready for a cat flap to be installed so I can stop being a doorman for the little princes πŸ±πŸ‘‘

I just found out that the author of the Miette tweet did an interview about Miette:

We had gone in to the SPCA to see another cat, actually, and my husband was like, No, let’s look at this garbage cat.

[Miette] means β€œlittle crumb.”

This morning one of my cats ran directly into the patio door glass instead of the open bit.

I felt bad but my god it was hilarious.

Put an old blanket on the window. Neo is very happy.

Very scary (excuse the decorating mess)

Sleepy time 😴

Someone found a new favourite spot

The cats finally got brave enough to climb the tree in our garden

We have beds, blankets, and sofas he could sleep on but apparently damp bath is the way to go.

Our cats going outside for the first time in 7 months 😻

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