ATP on Mastodon

Listening to the discussion about Mastodon on this week’s ATP it seems like none of them know what it is they want from a Twitter alternative which makes Mastodon/ seems unappealing to them.

For me I was done with contributing my content to someone elses platform which is why I chose M.b over Mastodon. Mastodon has the same problems as Twitter in terms of content ownership - looking through my tweet archive I can see multiple attempts over the years of me trying to control my content better and none of them ever stuck.

This is 🔥

Not sure how I missed this Futurama Radio Show when it came out but this was a lot of fun to listen to.

Max’s Serial-style podcast on this week’s episode of Do by Friday is the best thing ever created. Might as well stop all podcasting now.

Reconcilable Differences 2018 Members Special with Todd Vaziri as a guest, excellent episode.

You need to be a Relay FM member to access this episode.

Two out of three ain’t bad

Oh hey there Myke and Viticci

Holy crap the ATP shirt is comfy

Remaster, Connected, Cortex

“I need a website”

“You should use Squarespace”

“What’s that?”

deep breath

“Squarespace is the all-in-one platform that gives you ev…”

Selfie time