🫠 Computers were a mistake

👋 Goodbye weekend

🎮 The Last of Us Part 1 arrives today, just in time for the weekend 🧟‍♂️

🍔 Waiting for lunchtime

⚙ Testing some automation things for my /now page

🥳 Friday.

🎙 I strongly dislike podcast editing. This is the least fun part of the whole thing.

🫠 Drowning in data exports

🧟 Happy Last of Us day!

😱 10 weeks until our daughter is born! I feel…ill-prepared.

💍 Wedding rings have arrived now to plan how we’re going to feed our guests.

🔊 Testing Echo…

🏮 Project Lantern is in progress...

🍕 Pizza day at the office!

👶 12 weeks is…not long.

😴 Back to work after 2 weeks off

🕸 websites are good

🙃 Well.