I’d love to re-edit Lost into shorter seasons. Drop all the side characters who have no effect on anything (sorry Nicki and Paulo), reduce “open the hatch” to one decent episode, just make it more streamline.

Alas, I do not have the time or the skillset.

For All Mankind season 2 and 3 is some of the best TV I’ve ever watched

Finished both seasons of The Wilds last night, I really enjoyed it. I also found out it’s been cancelled when I had a few episodes left 😞

Finished another run through of Futurama. It’s criminal that this was cancelled* and yet the Simpsons is still limping along.

* it is getting another season

Can’t believe Better Call Saul is over. What a great show.

Finsihed Paper Girls season 1. Can’t say I was all that impressed with it, perhaps season 2 will be better.

Watched the first 3 episodes of Paper Girls last night.

Could have done with a bigger budget for VFX and it’s not quite as weird as I’d like in comparison to the comics but I’m enjoying it so far.

Finished the first season of Reacher on Amazon Prime last night.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more accurate book-to-screen translation before. Alan Ritchson is perfect for the role and absolutely nails it. Can’t wait for season 2.

Watched Stranger Things season 4. Might be the worst season for me.

Watched Watch If? Season 1 on Disney+. It was fine, nothing special. Felt very disjointed.

Rewatched Stranger Things season 2 and 3.

Spoiler alert: it’s a good show.

Rewatched Stranger Things season 1. I don’t think anyone has ever acted better than Winona Ryder in this.

Watched Hawkeye season 1.

Hailee Steinfeld is the perfect casting for Kate Bishop. I really hope we get more.

Watched The World According to Jeff Goldblum season 2.

Watched One of Us is Lying season 1.

Not that impressed. Started off strong but didn’t really go anywhere.

Watched Friends season 1-10.

Watched After Life season 3.

Watched Superstore season 6.

Watched Schitt’s Creek season 1-6.

Watched Tiger King season 2.

Watched Squid Game.

Watched Grey’s Anatomy season 1-17.