Robb Knight

Posted about my MacStories Automation April content entry on my blog.

MCR released a new track so if you’ll excuse me I’m off to buy some eyeliner like it’s 2005 again 🎵

📷 Day 13, Community: Half of #DevsDoDesign after winning the audience choice award at PubHack 5

Went into the internet archive and grabbed all the previous iterations of my site that I could find and put them up on a versions page. There’s a couple more I know I have somewhere I’d like to grab at some point as well.

Just pushed a new version of my website inspired by the incredible design of @ezellwrites’s microblog.

Warning: there’s a lot of pink.

Stripe have open-sourced their documentation library, MarkDoc

Will have a play around with this soon, looks very interesting.

My partner’s luck ran out and she caught the plague. I think it’s important to support your partner however you can so being the good person I am, I printed this off before she got up this morning 🦠☣️

📷 Day 12, Tranquility: No one has ever been this comfy

🎙️ Ruminate 145 - Tim Apple Walks It to You

Games, postal services, and crypto. Three topics you won’t together anywhere else, thats the Ruminate guarantee™.

I’ve never seen a better example of the contempt landlords have for tenants who are, if we pretend for a second that being a landlord is a job, their customers:

…most tenants aren’t aware of their right to quiet enjoyment, the clause is still worth having

📷 Day 11, Maroon: Roses

🎮 Finished the main story of Horizon Forbbiden West last night after ~60 hours. Better than the first one in every way. The ability to climb basically anywhere is great and I spent way more time changing the color of outfits than I should have done.

While googling for the link for my app I found a Hacker News comment about it:

As much as I like TrackerZapper or ClearURLs for pasting links, it sets a precedent of tools that modify clipboards, which is bad for crypto addresses.

Won’t someone think of the poor crypto 🙄

At least once I month I think about writing my own notes app for the Mac then realise what a collosal undertaking that would be. Even my tiny Mac app TrackerZapper was hard enough and that only does one thing.

That’s enough DIY for today I think 😭

📷 Day 10, Pot: Plant and bonus PiSight

📷 Day 9, Bloom: Quick shot from the garden

If I never have to hear that stupid TikTok automated voice ever again I’d be very happy.

I think we all need to agree to prefix “mothers day” with the country we’re in as not to send residents of other countries into a panic.

Signed, a British person.

📷 Day 8, Union: A union of pastry and sausage

📷 Day 7, Park: Central Park Christmas Day 2018

📷 Day 6, Silhouette: Security Team

Voted ☑️

If you’re in the UK remind your family and friends to vote today.

📷 Day 5, Earth: Removing this tree stump from my garden consumed my every waking thought until I was finally able to remove it

A tree stump on the ground

I made a little Alfred workflow to search and paste emoji. Lots of the existing workflows either:

  • Haven’t added newer emoji like melting face which is very important 🫠
  • Don’t support MacOS Monterey without installing PHP or python

👉 Findmoji Alfred Workflow

Findmoji alfred workflow screenshot searching for a hand sign emoji