With that last blog post I also pushed some new updates to my site. Trying to move my data out of apps/sites they don’t need to be in, I’ve added my game and Lego collection.

A grid of PS5 gamesA gallery of three Lego vehicles. A Ferrari, a London bus, and a Mustang

🖋️ Letters: January 2023

This project by @jsonbecker was fun to be part of and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest. I am annoyed at myself for not signing off at least one with “I have the honor to be, Your Obedient Servant, R dot Knight”

See you in 10-20 hours.

A screenshot of Ellie that has text over it that says The Last of Us

This also marks an interesting point me for: this is the first game that’s availabile phyiscally that’ve I’ve bought digitally.

I know that’s the way the industry is going and I held out as long as I could but I couldn’t resist this edition (which comes with a code not a disc).

The Last of Us Firefly Edition

A white carboard box with the cover art for The Last of Us on the frontA steelbook with Joel and Ellie on the front4 Last of Us comicsA screenshot of PS5 dashboard and the Last of Us is downloading

If you’re working with brand logos and need SVGs or brand colors Simple Icons is ridiculously useful.

🎮 The Last of Us Part 1 arrives today, just in time for the weekend 🧟‍♂️

Did a few more tweaks to my now page including podcast, book, and TV artwork and fixed a weird Safari-only layout bug at small sizes.

I’ve been using Clean Links in Safari the past few days to nuke tracking parameters from URLs before I even get a chance to copy them and it’s been working really well. Fair warning it breaks some outgoing links from Facebook, so it’s double-good.

He’s so proud of himself 🙄

A cat next to a dead bird

This was fun but slight excruciating project: Mac 30th Anniversary Icons.

68 Mac SVG icons extracted, labelled, and dated from Apple’s 30th anniversary font. If there’s any wrong ones let me know and I’ll get them fixed.

A screenshot that says Mac 30th Anniversary Icons with three images of Macs

I haven’t played any games in while so I’m excited to dig into The Last of Us Part 1 this weekend 🎮

Make looks like an interesting IFTTT-type thing.

How to write an image description:

“The object is the main focus. The action describes what’s happening, usually what the object is doing. The context describes the surrounding environment.”

Found out you can keep Pebble watches working with Rebble which replaces a bunch of the web services that got shut off.

Episode 2 of The Last of Us was perfect.

As much as I’m enjoying Obsidian it’s completely untenable to me that opening a note replaces the one I already have open. Might try using VS Code instead.