Good day today: saw Hamilton and Six

I feel sick. Maybe it was the sandwich I ate or maybe it was the huge bag of sweets I ate at the cinema. I guess we’ll never know.

I added Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to my wishlist a few days ago and yesterday it went on sale.

Not sure what else to do with my new found power.

Can’t believe Better Call Saul is over. What a great show.

Latest album by Goldfinger, ‎Never Look Back, is excellent. The new version of Here in Your Bedroom with Avril Lavigne is so good 🎵

My first (and probably last) attempt at wallpapering. Not too shabby if I do say so myself🏡

Finsihed Paper Girls season 1. Can’t say I was all that impressed with it, perhaps season 2 will be better.

Watched the first 3 episodes of Paper Girls last night.

Could have done with a bigger budget for VFX and it’s not quite as weird as I’d like in comparison to the comics but I’m enjoying it so far.

This is the best pizza I’ve made in the Ooni so far 🍕

I know it’s free with PS++ (or whatever it’s called) but I had to preorder a physical copy of Stray for my collection. Knock things over as a cat in a cyberpunk distopia with robots? Sold.

🎙️ Ruminate 148 - I Love a Good Pickle

Robb experiences some weather, they both play some new games, and John thinks about gaming on the Mac.

Got to see a close friend graduate with his PhD yesterday. Could have done with it not being the hottest day of the year but still very cool to watch.

Beautiful day for relaxing in the park ☀️😎

Finished the first season of Reacher on Amazon Prime last night.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more accurate book-to-screen translation before. Alan Ritchson is perfect for the role and absolutely nails it. Can’t wait for season 2.

Felt it was important to go back to Twitter just to tweet this on the very slim chance that maybe he gets bored and checks out his mentions.

Added the Eleventy generator meta tag to my site as per this post from David Darnes.

You need at least Eleventy 1.0 to be able to do this.

Watched Stranger Things season 4. Might be the worst season for me.

Spotify on Twitter:

wanna know what songs would save YOU from vecna? head to your Upside Down Playlist on Spotify wanna know what songs would save YOU from vecna?) to find out. The first Song on the list = your savior song

I got The Middle - Jimmy Eat World 👌 That’ll work.

Punk Rock Factory covered Running Up That Hill and managed to make it a not mind-numbingly boring song 🤘🎵

My partner sent me an audio message (which she never does) and I’m such an old I accidentally sent one back of me breathing.