@vincent Has it become sentient, should I be worried?

@UndamnedOne Thanks 😃

@ronguest 🤞 My symptoms aren't as bad as my partner's were so I'm hoping it'll be done with by the weekend.

@uncertainquark I think it would - although if install the plugin then edit the content/feeds.md file to change the URL to something else it should work.

@joesteel@duck.haus 💛

@vincent 😍

@vincent There's also this one which is similar.

@alpine 😍

@jean That is a very good point. I was quite happy about it when it happened, it was the kick I needed to stop using it for email.

@vincent I won't judge, you should see the ~8 year old legacy code I'm editing right now, which sadly I wrote.

@vincent 🎉

@cdevroe Email: if I'm working, it's just...there so whenever it pops up with a new one otherwise a few times a day. RSS, couple of times a day. MB: Open all day. Twitter: Once a day now I don't really "use" it. FB, Mastodon, TT I don't use.

@warner Haha nice idea but the last thing I need is more projects 🤣

@bsag I can't imagine anyone outside the UK understanding this.

@pratik I'm keeping a very close eye on the CSS grid masonry native implentation. Looks like Firefox has experimental support. From experience, doing it with Javascript is kind of a pain (as @manton confirmed in that thread).

@Burk This sounds really cool, gunna keep my eye out for something good to photograph.

@canion * Day 15

@garo Thanks, I appreciate it.

Totally agree about lack of counts for things, I feel much more free to post things I like without worrying about what's "good".

@vincent I've used Source Code Pro for years and really like it.